Priceline negotiatior!!!!!

I keep seeing those ads for Priceline and I thought they were unbelievably silly, until I needed to go out of town for a week. A friend of mine told me that he had used the Name Your Own Price feature and ended up saving a bunch of money on a hotel reservation.

I looked up a hotel I wanted to stay in and saw the prices that were advertised. I would be able to get the room at the reduced price of $79 per night for the six nights that I needed.

I then went to Priceline and entered $45 per night (my friend told me that $40 was rejected when he tried) to see if they would accept my bid. In less than a minute I got a message saying that my bid had been accepted.

Price I would have paid on the regular site: $79*6= $474 before taxes

Price with Priceline: $45*6= $270

So I ended up saving $34 per night by naming my own price and this was a great deal for me. The total after taxes was still less than what I would have paid for the same hotel, had I used the original pricing I was given.

I am glad that I was able to save money on my hotel stay by using Priceline Name Your own price.

The only issue I have with the site is that you can pick a general area and THEY give you a hotel in that range. Lucky for me there were only four hotels in that area with the star rating I was looking for. The other three hotels were all more expensive than the one I ended up getting so I was lucky to get the deal that I got.

I will certainly keep Priceline in mind if I should ever need a hotel again and you should check it out as well!!!!