20 ways to save on groceries
Here are 20 ways to bring your food bill under control without sacrificing time, your family’s health or your own sanity:

  1. Eat your fruits and vegetables
  2. Give those shelves the once-over
  3. Stick to the edges
  4. Shop early and alone
  5. Set your shopping mood
  6. Operate by the book
  7. If you want to win the savings game, learn the rules
  8. Know when to use a list
  9. Know when not to use a list
  10. Grocery stores are for groceries
  11. Take a rain check
  12. Know the system
  13. Realize that more isn’t always cheaper
  14. Request price matching
  15. Look for double coupons
  16. Weigh before you pay
  17. Beware of “discount store syndrome
  18. Realize that sometimes the best bargain isn’t the lowest price
  19. Check your receipts
  20. Put your savings to work

A lot of these tips are common sense, but some of them are interesting, for example #16. You wouldn’t normally think of weighing a “10lbs” bag of potatoes would you? But they own have differences of up to 1 pound. #13, I’ve personally experienced. Everyone would expect the double size of a can of coffee to cost lest per oz. then that smaller one right? I’ve seen cases where it is actually better to buy two small ones instead of one large one.

People who shop at Walmart need to learn to use those little red price tags. For a lot of their items they list a unit price (price per gallon/fl oz./oz./lbs/etc) for their groceries. Use this to determine what a better deal is.