You can save money by using recycled containers. I’m not talking about the ones that have the recycling logo but the ones you recycle from a prior use.

I am using recycled sugar containers to save money!

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Recently I bought a lot of beans that came in bags. I wanted a way to store them that was stackable as the bags flop everywhere and take up a lot of space. Storage containers are a great way to store things that come in bags. I had a set of containers I use for pasta and some beans and thought about getting a second set.

Recycled container

Then I noticed I had a sugar container that was almost empty and might work. The cover has a large opening where you could pour out spoonfuls, while the other side was for sprinkles.

This is my favorite sugar and I had two backup containers of it. I decided to try out the containers for my chickpeas and two bags fit perfectly!

I’m going to keep using these recycled containers instead of buying new storage containers.

No I did not wash the container or remove the labels. I figured if I could use sugar straight out of it then I can store my peas in it.