Welcome to my daily tracking of income and expenses for the month.

Today was a no flow day for both income and expenses. I spent the morning tweaking my transfers in ING savings and Electric Orange because of some mix ups earlier. Remember when I said that I had not gotten paid on time because the paperwork for our payroll was not sent in. Well I had to change the dates of the automatic transfers to later dates in my online accounts. Luckily I had enough of a balance on hand in my Electric Orange account to cover the regularly scheduled payments to the credit cards and all the other bills.

I just had to manipulate the dates for the transfers from my Wells Fargo account over to ING so that I would not be overdrawn on the accounts. Now after all these transfers go through I will have to go back in and change the dates AGAIN to reflect actually having the money in my account because of the direct deposit.

Income for the day: $0.00

Expenses for the day: $0.00

Income for the month to date: $386.23

Expenses for the month to date: $336.41

Net effect: $49.82

Did I save money: Yes…if that is what you want to call it.