In my quest to save money I like to think of some little things I can do to conserve every day. This might not be a big deal to everyone but it helps me to think that I am making a difference.

When I have to use the ATM, which is not often because I do not carry cash that much, I never get a receipt . I always use the option that says not to get a receipt because quite frankly I do not need it. I balance my checkbook every day and I always know what is in my bank account at any given time.

By not getting a receipt I am saving on the paper that would need to be printed off and let’s face it I would be throwing the paper receipt away as soon as I entered the figures in Money anyway.

If we all start using the option to not get a receipt at the ATM it would slowly add up over time.
So save paper, save money and save the Earth too . Don’t get a receipt from the ATM.

What do you think?