I love saving money and I just saved money by shopping around. I normally drink water when I go out and drink coffee or tea at home. I rarely buy drinks because I just prefer water, but I do get a coffee now and then with coworkers or with my protege.

I found this new Chai tea that I wanted to try because I love all things vanilla and it looked great. I got this drink at one store where I normally go for fresh fruits and vegetables. It was REALLY good so I thought I could get some more as a treat every now and then.

This tea is really delicious and brings back memories of the egg nog that my mother used to make. As you may know, my mother passed away a few years ago but I still feel the pain like it was yesterday. I still feel the pain but when I can get something that reminds me of her then it seems to hurt a little bit less. This drink tastes like what I remember her making for me so I think I will be drinking a lot of it this Christmas season to keep my spirits up.

vanilla chai tea

vanilla chai tea

I decided to check out the price at the store where I do the bulk of my groceries and was surprised at the price difference.

Store 1: $2.79

Store 2: $1.94

Now you may say that 85 cents is not a big deal, but when you plan on buying multiple bottles you can see that it really adds up.

I am glad I tried the second store for this item because I saved money by shopping around and not just getting it at the place I originally intended to.