This year I decided to start using the Happy Planner. It is a paper based planner and will supplement my online planning with Google calendar.

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I like writing things down but really rely on my electronic calendar to keep me notified. Most people use their paper planners as a method of journaling. While I do not enjoy journaling, I do want to keep a record of certain things.

Keeping a paper journal/planner can also be a method of stress relief. I enjoy making little colored notes around certain events or daily items.

The Happy Planner is the planner I chose…simply because it was one of the first I saw on my shopping trip.

What I Wanted

I needed a large layout so I could jot down multiple items. The planner had to have large writing spaces because my handwriting is a bit large.

A good planner would also have lines. I cannot write straight without lines and I do not like to see wandering writing.

What I Got

The Happy Planner does not come with preset dates. In fact there are no calendars at all. You will need to fill in your own dates or use date stickers. For. Every. Single. Month.

And then do it again for Every. Single. Day. of each month.

This is one of the things I do not like about this planner. In the future I would like a pre-dated calendar.