I saved some money with  Bath and Body Works coupon today. Actually I used three coupons that I stacked and I am very happy with the purchase.

My current favorite candle is the Marshmallow Fireside and I tend to purchase them whenever there is a sale. Today the large 3-wick candles were on sale  so they were ringing up at $12.50 each. Here are the coupons I had:

-20% off your entire purchase

-$6 for a wallflower and refill

-one free travel size item

Here are the items I ended up buying:

bath and body works

-1 marshmallow fireside 3-wick candle

-1 pumpkin apple 3-wick candle

-1 wallflower

-1 wallflower refill

– 1 travel size lotion

Now I could have gotten only one candle and still qualified for the 20% off but I really wanted the two that I got.  The candles cost $12.50 each (originally $22.50) and ended up being $10 each. This is the price I am comfortable with paying for those large candles!

The wallflower was originally $6.50 and the refill was originally $4.50 but with the coupon they came to $6 for both. The travel lotion cost $5.00 but was free with my third coupon and that will be kept in my purse for use on the go.

Once again I have added to my collection but I do use the items as I get them. I am currently burning the pumpkin apple candle as I am writing this post.

I am not too fond of the rest of the fall scents so I am waiting on the Christmas candles to come out. I have been seeing them on youtube as being available in some test stores but they are not available in my store as yet. This is a good thing since I have quite a few items to get through before making another purchase!