The daily planner I use is the Happy Planner. I have always kept some type of planner since my freshman year at college.

I gradually moved to using an online planner in the form of Google calendar. This is still my main planner as I like having alerts come up on my phone. The paper planner is a great way to get a visual of my time and I can decorate it…which can’t be done with Google calendar.

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Currently I am using the planner to keep a journal of my days. I hope that I can also use it to save money. How this will be done remains to be seen as I get the hang of using a paper planner.

Monthly set up

The planner has a month tab which shows your month at a glance. I currently fill in what I can ahead of time. Then I go back at the end of the week and copy major items from the daily view into the monthly view.

Daily/Weekly set up

This is the page that stays open on a daily basis. I fill out items that I know ahead of time in each box. At the end of the day fill anything that was not pre-set.

General set up

I plan on using stickers instead of writing to fill in the spaces. There are two reasons for this decision:

  1. My handwriting is not the prettiest
  2. I think it would be less stressful

Using stickers would help me to have this planner as a creative outlet instead of a giant to do list. This fits my lifestyle since I can’t give up using my online calendar as my actual planner and to do list.

I’ll let you know how my sticker planning works out periodically through the year!

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