Here are my favorite recent posts from the members of the Wealth, Money & Life Network.

Dividends 4 Life shows us how to save money by giving the Gift Of Nothing . Now I must say I was a bit disturbed as I read the first sentence because I thought this guy was being WAAAAY too cheap…but then I realized what he was talking about.

Dollar Frugal shows us how she Did Not Save $80 On Insurance . This reminds me of the time I ended up Switching To Geico to save money on my car insurance . It sounded a bit cliche but I tried them and really did get a better deal, but I almost missed out on it because I thought Geico was just a gimmick.

Her Every Cent Counts is asking Is Moving Worth It ? She just got notice of a rent increase which means that if she stays where she currently lives then she will have $400 that she cannot save because it has to go to rent. I just got a notice of rent increase of my own but I don’t have anywhere else to go so I guess I will be paying what they ask for!

Now while I have been placing Solar Lights all over the apartment and switching to CFLs, Living Off Dividends is asking Should You Invest in Green Energy ? I would certainly invest in green energy because that is the trend right now so those companies are only going to increase in value….meaning more dividends for me which means I can save more money.

Over at Saving For A Home Of My Own , the Saving Diva is Taking a little Camping Trip with her Boyfriend . Now while she says it is supposed to be romantic..I think she is just trying to save money on utilities by going out in the wild. :-)  No girl, I am just playing…go ahead and enjoy your outing.

At the LocoMono Site he talks about Defining Your Emergency Fund . It is very important for us to decide WHY we need the fund and develop a plan for it.

Here at How I Save Money I also wrote about How To Save Money in An Emergency Fund and it has drawn a few interesting comments so be sure to check them out as well!