I normally post financial updates on Fridays but I needed to get this one out!

This week my expenses were:

$50 for the phone instead of my usual $25. I forgot to pay my portion of the shared plan last month so I paid twice this month to make up for it. Luckily the person I am on the shared plan with is very understanding and since the bill is not high anyway it was not a strain.

$89.38 in vet bills for the new cat. She had worms, ear mites and an infection in both ears. This bill covered the treatment for all those ailments plus an installation for the pet insurance as well. The insurance covers some of the annual visit costs and provides a discount on some non-essential items as well. The bill was actually higher, but since I added in the insurance it took some of the cost down.

This week my income was:

$5 from redeeming swagbucks for an Amazon gift card.