You all know how much I love shopping at Walmart and they just made it a little sweeter for the Christmas season. For the next couple of days there is NO minimum purchase required to get the free shipping from Walmart.


Usually you have to place at least $50 worth of goods in your cart to activate the free shipping.  I combine credit card cash back and using Swagbucks to order things online and have them shipped to me so that I can maximize my rewards. The hard part sometimes was having to wait until there was enough that I really wanted in order to qualify for the $50 limit to get free shipping.

I worked around this by simply ordering everything that was non-perishable online and only going to the store for perishable stuff that could not travel well. I usually place about one order per month for things like toilet paper, toothpaste, lotion, dishwashing liquid… get the point. But there were a few months when I really did not need anything so my cart would just sit empty because it would not be wise to order things I did not need just to get free shipping.

Now there is no minimum limit I can order the small things I need and STILL get free shipping over the next couple of days. It also means I can split my swagbucks shopping into two smaller trips and get the cash back spread over two days instead of one.

Double sweet!!!!

if you normally shop online take advantage of this now because there are only a few more days left on the free shipping deal.