Every Friday I post on my weekly income and expenses in an effort to keep on track of my budget for the month. By breaking down my transactions on a weekly basis I can see where my money is going and see if I am going to be able to stay under my total budget for the month.

This week I spent $4.64 on lunch because I forgot my lunch in the fridge and was going to have to spend the whole day on campus. I was quite upset with myself because that was the one day I did not get a long enough break to go back home to get my food and I was going to be away for the entire day so I really needed to eat.


I received $75 in blogging income so that made a little dent in the spending on the budget for the month. We only have one more week left in this month and although I am running low on some food I am trying to see if I can make it into February without buying anything.

I am about halfway between a quarter tank and half tank of gas but I think I will fill up this weekend because I have not bought gas since December. My rolling budget will show that I have the full amount for gas for this month plus next month if I don’t buy gas now so I figure I might as well get it and let a small balance roll over to February.

As I am doing this financial check up I see that I have gone slightly over in two categories but I will still be under my total budget for the month even after buying gas. I know that one of my goals for the year was to be under budget in every category and I will not be attaining that goal this month. I will still be under the total budget so that is still something to be proud of and I can work on getting those individual categories under control next month.