Every Friday I post on my weekly income and expenses in an effort to keep on track of my budget for the month. By breaking down my transactions on a weekly basis I can see where my money is going and see if I am going to be able to stay under my total budget for the month.

I did not track my actual spending this week because I am using the online only method to track my spending and my income and just forgot to keep the receipts out. I know that for the month of July I have spent the following amounts that cover the first two weeks.

I spent $43.20 on gas because I filled up my tank on Wednesday. The last time I bought gas was in May this year and then again in March so it looks like I am going about two months before I need to fill up. I actually fill up before I get to that last quarter tank so I have been doing pretty good with not driving too much. I have been taking the bus to school when I can because the bus fee is included in our tuition and fees so I might as well use it right. This summer I have class at 8 am and the bus is sporadic so I have been driving to  class instead of trying to catch it at 7!

I spent $5.07 on lunch because I had a meeting that went longer than expected and I was on campus for hours! I did increase my fun budget a little bit this month because this is my birthday month so that food will come out of that budget.