This is an update on my Ally Cashback card. I recently added this credit card to my collection so I could get the bonus.

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When you redeem the cash back to a savings account you get a 10% bonus. I will let my cash back total grow to at least $10 before cashing out so I can get the full effect of the bonus without missing any rounding.

ally cashback card

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What did I buy?

I used the card for almost the entire month so I could get to the required spending limit. I put the following items on the card:



-electric bill

-cell phone bill


By simply purchasing the things I would ordinarily buy I was able to hit the spending limit. Using this card fit well into my method of using a different credit card every month. I do this to keep track of my spending and refunds, as well as to take advantage of the rotating spending categories.

I was able to cash out $100 and get a $10 bonus by redeeming my points to my Ally savings account. This means I ‘made’ $110 extra this month just for purchasing the things I normally would buy.


The only thing I do not like about this card is the integration with Mint. This card is NOT supported by, which means you cannot import your transactions. The downside of this is I have to split the payments into various categories so that my monthly budget in Mint makes sense.


I do recommend getting this card. It is easy to use and the 10% bonus cash back feature is great.