I got to check on my credit report today from TransUnion and found a few things were a little bit off from the credit report that I got from Experian. TransUnion had my address wrong so I corrected it…they actually had my old address listed as my current address.

They were also missing one of my accounts but I noticed that it showed up under TransUnion from the Triple Advantage credit report that I got last year so I did not bother with that. I did not really like the information that I got today since the free credit report that I got did not tell me anything new.

I did get the report from www.annualcreditreport.com which is the free site to get your credit report and I printed it off so I would have a hard copy. I am going to get the report from Equifax in April and then the final one in September since you can get one from each bureau for free from this site.

Remember that getting your free credit report will help you to keep track of your important information and help you to potentially save money in the future. You can do great things with this information like lower your interest rates like I did with one of my credit cards.
This reminds me….please submit your articles for the carnival of credit report stories coming up in February.