If you have not already joined Swag Bucks then you have no idea what I am talking about. If you are a member and you are new then you may be wondering what Dubs, Trips, and Quads mean.

Well those are simply the shorthand that Swaggernauts (regular Swag members) use to declare their search wins. If you get one search win for the day then you are on singles. If you get a second win then you are on dubs. Three wins means trips and if you get FOUR then you can proclaim Quads for the day.

Some people have been lucky enough to get Quints..which is five searches for the day but that is rare.

When I first joined I would hardly even get singles for the day and now I have been getting trips most days, with a few quads thrown in.


It is always great if you can get search wins, especially the big ones because they really add up over time. One time I got the search shown above and I was just so thrilled because it brought me closer to the goal.

Happy Swagging!!!!

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