So this week was not the greatest for me financially. I just had to spend a bit of money to get my windshield replaced. Yup the entire thing.

There was a large crack and it was too large to be repaired so the entire windshield ended up having to be replaced. I had to pay for it out of pocket too because the cost was less than the deductible on my insurance..and if I had to go through the insurance it would have raised the premiums.

Luckily I had the money to cover it…the cost went on a credit card so I could earn some cash back and I have the credit card bill set up to be paid in two weeks so I don’t incur any fees. The money came out of the car emergency fund that constantly gets fed out of my regular budget. Right now the fund is almost depleted because of the car it will take some to rebuild.

Hopefully I won’t need to go into that fund until it is time for registration!