I finally got my laptop back and I am really happy, even though I am financially less happy since I had to spend money. I recently posted about my laptop dying and I had to get that replaced.

My hard drive died so I had to purchase a new one and since I had so many bad sectors I had to pay for data recovery as well. I did have the laptop looked at by two individual sources who gave me the same advice for free before getting the paid service.

The free services were not allowed to replace my hard drive but the diagnosis and recommendations were the same as what I got when I finally had to pay to get my laptop worked on.

I was given a recommendation from a trusted source on a new hard drive to buy, so I ordered that from Amazon and due to some shipping errors I had to wait a few days to get it even with Prime! Then I had to wait a few more days to get the work done but everything is finally back in place and I was able to get all of my files and programs back.

I never realized how much I depended on my personal computer or laptop until I did not have one to work with at home. I was having to stay on campus much longer than I normally did because I needed to get everything done on the computer while on campus because so many things are difficult to do on a phone.