The new year is still a couple of months away but I think it is time we all do a mini financial check up. The reason is that many of us choose to make resolutions in December and our financial health needs to be a  part of those decisions.

In order to make the best financial decisions for 2013 I think we should all take a minute to do a mini financial check up. Take the time to look at a few of the following items:

-savings goals

-debt levels

-credit score


After looking at those items try to identify the areas that need work. Have you been staying under the general limits of your budget? Have you been saving enough or have you had to dip into the emergency fund?

Have you reduced the level of debt that you began the year with….or did you add to your level of debt due to some unforeseen circumstances?

You can ask yourself quite a few questions to get a general idea of where you are right now and then put that into perspective with relation to where you would like your finances to be in the upcoming year. You don’t have  to set firm plans right now but by getting an up front look at your current situation you will be better prepared to make those financial resolutions in December and it won’t seem like such a chore then because half the work will already be done!