Every Friday I post about my finances for the week in an effort to monitor my income and expenses. I used to post all of the actual figures but I have recently decided to stop doing this.

I will now post SOME of my actual expenses and leave the rest to your imagination.

This week my income was:

Paycheck!!! Yaaaay we got paid on the first of the month, no fooling.

This week my expenses were:

Rent. Sadly it is due on the first of the month so that gets paid early in the month.

Car. I had to also get the car payment sent out.

Insurance. This is also due at the beginning of the month and gets sent off when the car payment goes out.

I did have a few dollars of shortage roll over from last month from the categories where I was able to stay under budget. It was only a couple of dollars in most cases but it does mean that I have that ‘extra’ to spend this month if I choose to. If not it will just remain as a buffer in my checking account for another time.

Groceries. I spent $68 (rounded) on food this week and got almost everything that was on my list. I do want to get some more fruits and vegetables but I will get them on a later shopping trip.