I had been fighting a cold for about a week and battling coworkers who keep claiming that I have H1N1 or Swine Flu as it is commonly known. I did some research on the flu vs. colds and since I did not have a fever and only had minor body aches on the first day, I concluded that I have a cold and not the flu.

Now I did not visit a doctor because I have had colds before and I figured that I could take care of it on my own. If I had gotten worse or
shown no improvement then I would have gone to the doctor. There are a few frugal tips I have followed that have helped me to fight this cold and I hope they help you too.

Stock Up.
I know that it might seem silly to have an arsenal of cold medicine on hand but when the cold or flu strikes the last thing you want is to have to drive to the store for medicine. I buy cold and flu medicine when it is on sale or when I have coupon and make sure I have day and night time versions to last for a few days.

Blowing your nose constantly really gives the tender skin on your nose a beating. I have found that using baby wipes cuts down on the amount of irritation and prevents the skin from peeling off my nose. Now you can also use a moist tissue but that just falls apart for me…so I prefer baby wipes. Places like CVS often have deals where you can buy one pack of baby wipes and get one free…so I stock up on those for daily use and then just have enough for medical emergencies.

Use Coupons.
I cannot stress how important it is to use coupons to get things at a reduced price. I do try to use generics when possible but I have found that Tylenol cold and flu really works better for me than the store brand when I am sick. So I use coupons to get the Tylenol version of medicine and get some great savings.

I know that you can feel like you need to slog on forward with your daily life but at this point your body really needs rest. If you cannot take the time off work then make sure you take a nap as soon as you get home. Even resting for 30 minutes will help your body regain strength so that you can fight off the germs. Take the night time medicine (the one that makes you drowsy!!) before you go to bed. It is stronger to fight the germs and will help you sleep better through the night.