Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Ha-ppy birthday to meeeeeee——eeeeeeee

Happy birthday to me.

Yes folks today is my real life birthday and I am not going to look at ways to save money since I am going to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!

Well at least I am going to try to spend, since that is not something that really comes naturally to me. I have a few things in mind that I would like to spend the money on but I am not sure if I can get of the saving money mindset as yet.

taken from www.siue.edu

I saved and put aside some money in my little splurge fund and in snowflakes and other things and I have a grand total of $345 that I can just BLOW today.

I might do some of the following:

-get a pedicure

-buy some clothes

-buy lunch at a nice restaurant

-buy a book

This birthday money was already accounted for in my budget so I am not going to even worry about it. Today is all about me and if I see something that I want then I am going to get it….or maybe not.