I am about to reveal something that I just feel really silly about. I have just read all the posts about ING offering 1% cash back when you use your Electric Orange MasterCard for qualified purchases duing June 1st to July 31st. I think this is a great idea and I am going to use it to pay the phone bill and the insurance on the car.

Now for the Big Reveal: I had never thought of doing this before. What?

*PF Bloggers shake their collective heads in amazement”*

I have been paying the bills out of the Electric Orange account but I have not used the card. I don’t know why I never thought of it but it just dawned on me today. Actually a better idea would have been to use my PayPal card to pay the phone bill because there is an option to set up recurring payments on a credit card. There is no fee for this but I guess I just was not thinking of using the PayPal card as a credit card in that instance. It is funny because I use it like a credit card when I go grocery shopping ……so WHY was I not using it for my online bill pay when there is a credit card option?

Honestly I have no idea and yesterday I told someone this and that person made me feel like a real idiot. Hey you learn something new every day so that was my revelation.

So anyway I have admitted that I am a money dummy…..but then again I have never claimed to be a financial expert. So whew! I got that off my chest and now my cards are being set up to pay the bills and get me some cash back so that I can save some money.