Ok so I must admit that I loved Ben and Jerry’s Triple Caramel Chunk Ice cream and for a long time that was all I would eat.

Then one day I could not find it no matter how hard I tried. I think I went about a year without ever seeing any of that delicious creamy goodness……ANYWHERE in the US….


I found Caramel Hat trick….in Canada.

I thought the ingredients looked familiar so I bought one to see how it tasted. It tasted the same so while I was happy to find the awesome caramel yumminess, I was a bit put off by the change in names.

Is this exactly the same ice cream or what?

Here is the Triple Caramel Chunk:


This was my favorite flavor for a long time so I was really bummed when I could no longer find it.

The description on the bottom of the image says: Caramel Ice Cream with a Swirl of Caramel and Fudge Covered Caramel chunks.

Here is the Caramel Hat Trick:

The description on the bottom of this image is also the same as the one on the Triple Caramel chunk. I am no Chef Ramsay but they taste the same to me….and I enjoy biting into those little chunks of caramel.

So I am now confused…is Hat Trick a ‘new’ flavor…or is it a ‘new to Canada’ flavor. If it is just renamed for the Canadian market I really don’t see the point. It is exactly the same thing…it would be like renaming Vanilla to Snowfall just because it is in a different country.