Today is my birthday and it also marks the beginning of something new for me. I will be celebrating with two very special people in my life.

I just wanted to share this with you my loyal readers!!! We will be going out to dinner today but we have coupons so we will save money while we are enjoying a good time.

I know that some people think it is tacky to use a coupon on a date or on someone’s birthday…but I am not offended at all by this. It is MY birthday and in fact I would think less of my friends if they did NOT find a way to reduce the cost of our outing.

I made a decision last year to do a small celebration or at least acknowledgement of my birthday EVERY DAY for the whole month. I enjoy one of my favorite things every  day for the whole month, whether it be listening to one of my favorite songs or eating my favorite food.

I know as most people get older they focus less on their birthdays but I am doing the opposite and celebrating my birth MONTH!!! I guess I am just a little bit crazy that way.

I wish I could share some cake with you guys and gals.

In any case…Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

And happy birthday to everyone else who shares this day…especially if you are a blogger!!!