Summer is upon us once again and it is a great time to go out on fun dates. Dating in the traditional sense of dinner and a movie can get to be expensive so how about looking at some lower priced alternatives.

Marie Claire magazine has a great list of 50 Cheap Date Ideas to help you save money as you treat that special someone to some quality time with you.

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

-Visit a cheap local bar: They recommend that you skip the expensive bars and head over to a local dive bar. You can play a rousing game of pool or try your hand at the dart board and still have a great time.

-Open house: This is one of my favorite ideas as I have always wanted to do this. You can dress up and visit an open house and get a tour of a house even if it is not in your price range. It is a good idea to look at different things like how people decorate so that when you go in to decorate your own space you have a feel for what might work for your tastes.

-Visit a winery: You can sign up for a tour of a local winery and get to taste some awesome wines while you pick up some knowledge for future reference.

There are many more interesting ideas on the site so check out the link for great things to do on your next date.