I’ve been sick and it was out of control. Last month I came down with the flu then got better then it tackled me again.

I then got over it but was left with a lingering reminder of my illness.

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What was happening

After recovering from the flu I had a lingering cough. I coughed every day for 19 days!!!

It was so bad that I would sometimes have coughing fits that ended up with me crying.

What did not work

I had to constantly remind people that I’ve been sick and this lingering cough was driving me crazy. Each time I went to the doctor I got a new set of cough suppressants…and none of them worked.

They told me to gargle with salt. That did not work.

They told me to sip honey. This also did not work.

What finally worked

Finally my doctor suggested I try an inhaler for a week and that is what finally controlled the cough. The cough has been greatly reduced and I no longer feel like I cannot breathe.

It turns out all the coughing had damaged my lungs a little bit and I was diagnosed with a mild case of bronchitis. the inhaler would help to open up my airways so that I would not have to work as hard to breathe.