This one is for the Lucians. I got this and could not resist passing it on.

Did you wear Jarry and socks to go to school?

What about putting rubber bands to hold your socks up just below your knees?

Remember when all you had wash on a weekend were your panties and ribbons…..your mother would wash the socks because you would dirty them so bad by playing without your shoes.

Did you have to carry water in a paint bucket (skillit)?

Remember when we used to rush home on an afternoon because the following would be waiting for us
-Bread and condensed milk
-Bread and oil or cooking butter
-Bread and coconut
-Farine and Klim

About the klim…….did you ever try to steal klim and it stuck to your pallet and made you chock (TOOFAY)

Remember all your mother could afford for lunch was an Aman Rock Cake and a red JU-C


1. Going to buy bread and breaking off the tot-tots

2. going to buy saltfish and breaking little bits off the edges

Did your father ever beat you because they found a sweetie wrapper in you pocket with the words “I love you” or “Kiss me” and they would not believe that you put it there yourself?

I don’t know about you but I only had the following at Christmas


Pan bread to make sang-gwage (please pronounce it as you see it, it is not a typo)


A whole JU-C for yourself and the bottle would would knock your front teeth

And this is what my shopping list would look like when they sent me to “make message”

1/4 bottle oil

1/4 lb saltfish

2 oz keg butter

2 oz oleo butter

1/2 lc macaronni

1 lb salt

1 lb brown sugar (white sugar was for rich people)

2 oz banana essence (the really good type – not the nonsense they selling now)

2 oz white vaseline

2 oz yellow vaseline

Remember the scales they use for weighing and the paper they used to wrap up the products.