I decided to reorganize my pantry area in order to help me save more money in the future. My pantry is normally kept very clean and neat and I happen to think it is well organized.

In fact I am a little anal about keeping all like items together and they must all face the same direction. One day Honey wanted to make me mad and he went into the pantry and mixed up all the cans.

Mixed up Stuff

There were tuna cans on top of milk cans and canned milk on top of boxes of cake mix.

The canned sausages were upside down.

The canned grapefruit was facing in all different directions.

Needless to say I had a mini heart attack and then got on to straightening out the mess. He got a good punch on the arm for that little event!

I then thought about the wasted space in the pantry i.e. the door. I live in an apartment and the door of the pantry almost touches the refrigerator door when it is open. I just realized that I can keep things on BOTH sides of the door and still not be cluttered.

Kitchen2I got these shoe organizers from WalMart (do I shop anywhere else?) and decided to use them over the pantry door.

On the inner part of the door I put the things I would use most often for cooking. I decided to use this part since I leave the pantry door open all the time.

I put in the little containers of my spices so I could have easy access to them when cooking. On the very bottom row I put the extra bags that I get from WalMart since I use those to line the small trash cans in the bathroom.

I used one pocket for sandwich bags since I use those every day to bring my lunch to school.

I used one pocket to hold the Lysol spray since I use that very often and do not want to keep bending under the kitchen sink to get it.

When I was finished with the inner door of the pantry I had more space on the shelves so I could spread things out a little better. I closed the door and saw that you could not even detect the changes I had made because the hooks over the door matched the paint color.

Other Places to Organize

I was about to do the back of the door when I realized that I could use the shoe organizer in the bathroom too.

I took the organizer and marched off to the bathroom. What did I do there? Well? you will just have to come back and see!