I recently wrote about how my workplace was putting a Reduction In Force (RIF) in place and they would be closing my school down. I was just informed that the program has definitely been closed down and will no longer exist at the end of the year.

This means I need to step up my game big time to find another job before the new school year begins. This is so frustrating and I wish they had given us a definitive answer before plastering it all over the newspaper. Nothing is worse than having your students come tell you that they saw that would be losing your job in the newspaper.

I have been going through the long process of applying to different districts and I work on them a little bit every day. Some places have these really long, convoluted applications that take about 45 minutes to complete as you not only have to fill in a bunch of information but you also have to take some kind of personality quiz as well.

I guess that will just be my homework for the evenings now….to take two to three days to fill out an application for a school district and see what happens. I also plan on attending as many job fairs as I can over the summer since I will not be teaching summer school and do not have any big plans at all.