I am going to stick to my budgets and not adjust the numbers to cover my shortcomings.

I will work out for 20 minutes, 3 times a week. I know this may not sound like much but I NEVER exercise….EVER. Every so often I will start something and do it for two days then give up. I usually try to start out too big I think so then I lose my motivation easily. 20 minutes a day, three days a week is easy and I can always add to the routine.

I will put away the negativity in my life. Dwelling on what went wrong will not make it right.

I will save more. Hey even a dollar month can earn interest.

I will restrict the use of the credit cards.

I will try to use cash more. This will take the form of using my paypal card because it forces me to have the money in the account before I can buy anything but it rewards me like a credit card.

I will pray more. I think I have spent too much time asking God for things and not enough thanking him for what he has given to me.

I will love more. There are people who do so much for me in so many ways yet I tend to ignore them sometimes. I also tend to forget the good they have done whenever things go wrong between us.

I will read more…to educate myself, not to entertain myself.

I will worry less. God never gives us more than he knows we can handle. Any time it seems that your load is to heavy to bear, just know that he is right next to you, ready to help you if you need a spot. But like with weight training, he is only trying to toughen you up.