So this month I decided to join the No Spend trend and see how much I could save by NOT spending. It is currently the middle of the month and I think I am in good financial shape. Normally by this time I would have spent about $75 on groceries but I am sitting right on $31.35, which is slightly less than half. This amount actually represents what I would have spent in one week so it shows that I can actually make it through the month without all that extra shopping.
I have been eating what is in the pantry and the fridge….even though I have been strangely CRAVING Subway!!!!! I only cook once a week, on Sundays and then put the rest in the fridge for use during the week. By Tuesday or Wednesday the food is gone so I eat the frozen dinners that I had from last month.
Next week I will be eating cereal for breakfast and dinner on alternating days and leaving the more bulky foods for lunch. I have been eating fruit with lunch every day and I also eat a yogurt every night so I will need to go shopping this weekend to replenish those supplies.
I only used the gift card and ECBs that I had at the beginning of the year for my CVS shopping and did not even go crazy with that as I have a long way before I can redeem more points for another gift card.
It has not been too bad for the first few weeks and I will be throwing any money that was ‘saved’ towards debt.
How is your No Spend month going?