Today’s Guest Post comes from reader Ken B. who wrote Ways You Can Save Money Online, That You Don’t Already Know About .  Ken recently found this blog and has been using the tips he learned here to save money in his own life, and has decided to share his experiences here with you .

I loved reading the article “25 ways I save money” on and I thought that given the year just ended, I should reflect on how I was able to save money this past year. After spending some time, I was amazed to realize that by doing these 10 things, I was able to save $4700 last year. I hope you enjoy reading this and it helps you as it has helped me.

Saved $100 in late fees that I earned in 2008: I set up an ING account and I automated it to pay off my credit cards every month on January 3rd. (Thanks to for teaching me this).

Saved $500 on textbooks: Started renting books at instead of purchasing books at the University Bookstore (If you are out of college and like to read, I recommend using the Public Library or getting a Borders Card, which is free, for a lot of discounts)

Saved $2000: Limited eating out to 1 night a week. Now I have learnt to cook and I not only save money, but I also eat healthier.

Saved $150: Starting using to buy Asics shoes. I already know my shoe size so this was an easy purchase.

Saved $1000: I limited myself to buying 1 drink when I went out. With each drink costing around $5, this helped me save a lot.

Saved $200: Started using the airline JetBlue to fly home from California to the East Coast. I began purchasing tickets on Tuesday and Thursday and my average flight cost each way was $109. My flights used to cost around $180 each way.


Saved $200: I began reading more blogs and finding free books online rather than spend $20 per book at Barnes and Nobles. There are a lot of websites, like for example, where you can read books for free.

Saved $200: I created a “Change Jar” at home and put all of my empty change there. At the end of the year I had close to $200!

Saved $150 a year on purchasing glasses online (I wrote about this is another guest post, but purchasing glasses at saved me over $150 per pair)

Saved $200: Began purchasing my contacts online at I save $20 on each contact case.

I hope this list helps you as it has helped me. Cheers to a great year.