Here is the latest from the story of my life with T Mobile. I was supposed to receive a text message by Wednesday from T Mobile on the status of my phones. I did not get anything so I decided to call them on Friday…just for fun.

The customer service rep coolly informs me that the phones have been located and are set for shipping. Okay…I was not notified of this.

I am then told that the phones will arrive on the 13th.


I will be out of town then. I call UPS but I am told that since the order has just been transmitted I cannot update the shipping information or leave any special instructions.

I just hope that they decide to leave the packages at the main office and not send them back to wherever they came from.

That way Honey and I can get the new phones when we come back on Saturday. I just want to get the new phones and be done with this whole mess because it has taken sooooooooooo long to get resolved.

This was just very frustrating and I could not believe all what I had to go through here and here because some customer service rep messed up.