Finding ways to save money is almost the norm in today’s society. Gone are the days of shopping without looking at the price tags. People are searching for ways to save on everything from the cost of commuting back and forth to work to school lunches. Saving when they buy auto insurance is right up there at the top of the list. Here are 5 ways to save on auto insurance that can work for anyone.

Check out the competition
Don’t ever settle for one insurance company over another just because your parents have that particular company. Today’s insurance market is overflowing with carriers who are doing whatever they can to get your business. Check out at least 5 or 6 different auto insurance providers to see who has the best rates.

Maintain a good driving record
Almost every insurance carrier will knock off some of the annual cost of coverage if you have a good driving record. This includes little driving infractions as well as those damaging huge ones. A parking ticket or failure to use your directional can result in a higher premium just as much as failure to stop at a red light or driving under the influence.

Increase that deductible
Sounds crazy, I know. The truth is that if you have a low deductible, your auto insurance premium will automatically be higher. Sure there’s a chance you’ll have to pay more out-of-pocket with a higher deductible, but over the long run you might actually save money.

The money you save on annual premiums will add up year after year. Your deductible will stay the same. If you go a long time without getting into an accident (And many people go their entire driving careers without one), and you add up the annual savings you get from that lower premium, you could very well make up the difference you’d pay for the higher deductible, and then some. It’s definitely something to consider.

Discover the discounts
Another way to save when you buy auto insurance is to ask what discounts a specific auto insurance carrier gives. You’d be surprised at how many discounts are available.…LoJack system installed in your vehicle? Discount. Have you taken a defensive driving course? Discount. Multiple policies with the same insurance company? Discount. You’ll never know what the discounts are if you don’t ask; so make sure you do.

Change the way you pay your premiums
Do you pay your auto insurance premium in installments? Does that cost you extra cash? Chances are it does. Many auto insurance providers will give consumers a discount in their annual auto insurance premium rates if they pay the entire premium off in one payment. Others have a three-tier plan in which there are three different ways to pay; each tier costs a different total amount.
In addition to these five ways to save on auto insurance you should also maintain a good credit score, and stick with the same provider. Both of these things will also help you to save on your annual auto insurance rates.