I am the first blogger to take part in My New Choice‘s review me series. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am finally # 1 and it feels good. On My New Choice the concept is simple and follows the model set out by John Chow.

Step one: do a review of the site My New Choice.

Step two: your review gets approved.

Step three: you get a link back from My New Choice

Easy huh?

This increases your rating and increases his rating too….you both win. Plus your blog will be seen by whoever reads My New Choice, thereby opening up the readership available to your blog.

More traffic for you….greater variety for the blogoholics who need to get thier daily fix. Wow this blogging thing is sooooooooooooooooooooo addictive.

Blogoholics anonymous must be really doing lots of business now. I like getting my daily hit of blogs so I will take part in the blog linking/baiting/loving that is going on.

Click quickly over to My New Choice and get your review done. It is not hard, it does not take up too much time and the rewards are never ending.