A few days ago I got an email from ING saying that my Electric Orange account was going to be closed while my Orange Savings account remained open. The email was very cryptic and all it stated was that the account was going to be discontinued in 30 days because of information contained on my credit report. What?

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The first step in closing the account would be to cancel my overdraft line of credit with the account because the overdraft was only extended to open accounts. I logged in to my account because I was SURE that there was a mistake…..but lo and behold the overdraft was gone. Now I never use the overdraft but it was nice to know that it was there.

I immediately called up customer service to see what was going on with my account because you all know how much I love my ING savings and Electric Orange accounts, especially since I used them for my bill pay. I must say I was pretty upset when the rep just repeated what the email said and then told me that she could not explain what it meant because there was no note on my account.

When I got off the phone I decided to go ahead and cancel all of the bill payments and transfers that I had scheduled through the account. That part was easy and did not take long at all. The next step was to go into Money and change all the transactions that used Electric Orange back to Wells Fargo since I would now be keeping my money in the checking account…..and getting NO INTEREST. That part took a little bit longer because there were now tears in my eyes.

After I was done with all of the online stuff I decided to get my credit report because of the reduction in terms. I contacted the credit bureau and reported that I had a reduction in credit availability from ING because of something in my credit report and I would like a free report because of this. I got a confirmation to look into it and hung up the phone.

I was really upset and I cried a bit….and got comforted by my Honey who told me not to worry (although he KNOWS that I worry all the time and saying that does not help….but he tries anyway).

Fast forward to two days later. I get another email from ING saying that the first one had been sent to me in error and they were not closing my account and furthermore there was nothing wrong with my credit report. Booyah!

Plus, my overdraft would be reinstated within 24 hours of receiving the email.

I knew it! I was just happy to have my account back so I did not make a fuss. I went back into the account about six minutes after getting the email and saw that my line of credit had been restored and everything was looking good.

I set up all my bill payments and transfers again…it was easy because the account keeps a record of the last amount and the date paid. I am happy again and I love ING….even though they scared me there for a moment. (Naughty, naughty….now go sit in the corner)