Stop thief!!!!!

So REALLY how ghetto can someone be? I understand that times are rough everywhere…but for a postal worker to STEAL from me is really pushing it.

I sent a box with some stuff home for my brother and his family last month. I also sent two items for my mother (this was long before I thought she was going to die).

I wrote a list of the stuff I sent and included it in the box so he would have a reference as to what belonged to which member of the family. He called me today saying that the box was missing stuff. Among the items that the thief stole were:

1 box of efferdent (for mother)

1 box of chocolates (for the family for Christmas)

1 pack of learning cards (alphabet and colors learning games for my baby niece)

1 diabetic kit (that I got for FREE at CVS)

Now while these items are low dollar amounts…it is the principle of the thing that gets to me. Someone at the post office opened the box and stole the items and then resealed the box.

The list that I wrote fell to the bottom of the box and I guess the thief did not notice it. I guess they took the chocolates (Ferro Rocher) and the learning cards because there were two packs of each in the box and I guess they figured my brother and his family could get by on one packet.

I hope that person goes straight to H. E. double hockey sticks!!!!!! Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Merry fricking Christmas you jerk!