I received the following email from a reader and I am reprinting it with permission.

I figured this one out several months back and it works great. I purchased one of those Clorox Ready Mops… Im sure you are familiar with them:


Anyway, I soon learned that the replacement mop pads and the liquid cleaning solution get expensive over time. The solution? Instead of buying those disposable mop pads, just buy a pack of dish rags. Wal-Mart has a pack of 4-5 for like $2.00. Then just use these in place of the pads. They work much better, and you can flip them over midway through cleaning and use the other side. Then once dirty, toss em in the dirty laundry hamper, put em in the washing machine and they are like new again!

As for the liquid, I purchase a bottle of pinesol to use instead of the pricey clorox liquid. A single bottle can make several gallons of cleaning solution!

First of all I love getting emails from readers…it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a kiwi turned inside out.

This just happens to be a good email because it does contain a way to help you to save money on something.

I use Swiffer mops and I have always turned the cleaning pads over and used both sides. If there is a friend around when I am doing this I usually get a funny look, but I think that both sides can be used. That way i get double the cleaning power out of each mop pad.

I have never used the reusable dish rags but I think I will take up this idea and just wash the rags with my kitchen and bath mats.

As for the cleaning solution I have been using simple green liquid because I also got some of the dry cleaning cloths from Swiffer. These were from one of the sites where I get free samples so it did not hurt my budget. I like using simple green because it cleans really well and does not leave a strong odor behind.

If you have any tips you would like to share please email me or post a comment and I will contact you. I will then feature your tip on how to save money on this blog and you will get a link back to your site.

This tip was brought to you by Shawn.