I just read a post (forgot on what blog) about how you can save money on scented candles by using a candle warmer instead of matches or lighters.

I have been considering this because I do not like the idea of the smoke going all through my apartment all the time. My concern is the amount of electricity that these candle warmers end up using.

When I use matches they only cost a few cents and I get the added benefit of having light in the room so that I do not have to use my light bulbs to see in some of the darker rooms, like the bathroom.

If I use the candle warmer then I would not be getting the light from the candle and I would have to use more electricity for lights. I would also be using the electricity needed to run the candle warmer.

I am just wondering how cost effective that would be. Does it cost more to buy matches and candles more frequently or does it cost more to run the candle warmer.

Which option will help me to save some money?