Welcome to How I Save Money. This is a roundup of my favorite posts from the Wealth, Money and Life Network members.

Her Every Cent Counts is doing well with her Prosper loans and gives us an update. I have two loans at Prosper and they are both on time so I am happy to see a fellow blogger is also doing well.

Dollar Frugal asks What Have You Used Your Emergency Fund For ? Well I once used my EF to pay off a debt. Now while Shawn chastised me for using the money for something that was not a true emergency I think I made the right choice. The debt was long standing and it actually was the result of an emergency a long time ago. This happened at a time when I did not have a real emergency fund so I ended up paying for it financially and emotionally for a long time.

Dividends 4 Life has an interesting take in To Infinity and Beyond . He states that when it comes to purchasing stocks etc. he looks at holding on to them forever. That concept is a bit scary to me as I can’t even hold on to a CD at ING for longer than 9 months. I had a few cds for $50 that I set up for 9 months but I am having them all cashed out when the time is up. They will all go into the snowflake payments for the Citi card which is the credit card that I am targeting.

The LocoMono is also talking about investing with Prosper and talks about the breakdown of his investment portfolio. I only have two small loans on Prosper but I am hoping to pay off more debt so that I can lend more money there soon.

Living Off Dividends is set to live the life of a college student in the announcement UCLA Loves Me so it is a good thing that dividend strategy is in place.

The Saving Diva is considering ways to save money on her big move in New Stuff and Moving . I think it would be a good way to save money because of the cost of the rental and the gas over such a big distance.

I rounded up our theme for the month and posted Why I Save Money In An Emergency Fund .