That is how much I have in my Upromise account as of the last time I checked it.

I do not even know how I got this amount but I did register my credit cards with them so I guess I got the money from that.

I just found that Upromise allows you to use eCoupons to save even more money. These are coupons that you select online when you log in and they are placed on your account. You do not have to cut or print anything but they are redeemed when you buy an item that fits the coupon.

I placed three of those coupons in my account and when I purchase those items at CVS they will be automatically credited to my purchase.

I love coupons of any kind because they reduce the amount of money I spend out of pocket. I then transfer this savings to a savings account that I set up in ING specifically to track all the money I saved from using coupons.