I have been using Cash Duck to see what really happens. It is supposed to be set up where you can do all of these trials of things and then earn points (feathers) and cash. Some of the trials are free and some have an initial outlay. In some cases you have one week to one month to try out the offers and then if you do not cancel before the trial ends then you get charged the monthly fee.

I have done a few of the free ones but the earnings on them are very low (under $1.00) while you have to go through pages and pages of questionnaires. I did take a chance on some of the weekly and monthly trials which should pay more. I am very scared to try out for the big buck trials because the monthly fee on them is high and I am not sure if this really works.

If I do get a payout in a few weeks time then I will see how this really works and then who knows….maybe I will sign up for one of the offers that has a payout of over $5.00.