I have signed up for the Stock challenge over at Zacks for 2007. All I know about stocks is from a finance class a few years ago so this is one more project for me for the new year. I will have to read up on the stock market, which goes along with one of my goals for 2007 to read for improvement.

The basic deal with the stock challenge is that Zacks gives you a free base of money in a simulation. You get to pick stocks and trade for one year and the person who does the best gets a contract with Zacks. Top performers get to write on a blog about the experience at Zacks or you can just write on your personal blog. Although you will be using the actual prices in the real stock market you are performing in a simulated world. This is a great experience for those who wish to get into the stock market because it gives you the experience without having to use your own money.

After this simulation I think I will be more prepared to get into the stock market. Now if only I had some actual cash to do this in real life!