Over at the NCN network you can find many charts that show the progress of the debt repayments of all the members. My chart, which is also listed in the left lower sidebar, can be found here.

My current level of debt stands at around $17, 000 (bad, bad Save Money!!!) and I have paid off 14% of what I started with since I joined the network. While this is a bit embarrassing, especially when people who know me read the blog, I think it has really helped me to work on bringing down the debt.

I remember an ad where someone asked how we would act if our debt had to float above our heads so that everyone who walked by could see it. I am thinking that if the few people who actually know me that read my blog make me feel so awkward…..then I would just lose my mind if my debt was visible as I walked down the street.

Since I can’t erase the memories of the people who know me and my debt levels it just makes me work harder to eliminate the debt so that those people can see smaller numbers. Joining a site like the No Credit Needed Network has also given me some great tips on ways to make the little bit of money that I do have work for me.

I have found ways to save money and to get things cheap (and FREE) that have really helped me to keep my money in my pocket the bank.