So recently the weather has been just TERRIBLE and we had lots of ice everywhere. After the ice melted I noticed that I had a very long crack running across the driver’s side of my windshield.

I started to hyperventilate as I always do when faced with issues like this because I already KNEW it was going to cost me financially. I called my little green insurance friend to start a claim and found out from the representative that it would actually be cheaper to pay for the repairs directly, than to file a claim, because of my high deductible. The rep got me on the phone with the service that THEY recommend and I was quickly taken care of.

They told me the options available and gave me a price quote and set up an appointment for the mobile (wow!!!) glass repair service to come out and get me a new windshield. I needed to have the entire windshield replaced because the crack was longer than six inches and they do not ‘repair’ cracks that are longer than that.

I was not able to get a good picture of the crack using my phone and this one was just using a gift card to show the length. The crack was a bit L shaped and the card was along the shorter arm of the L. If you can see the part that veers upward and to the left it went on almost to the top of the windshield!!!!!

This event shows me the importance of having my Emergency Fund which is currently housed online with ING. I also have a Car Fund that I was using to save up to buy my next car….maybe the Lexus RX350 that I have been drooling over. I will be taking the cost of the repairs out of the Car Fund and will leave the emergency fund intact for now because this is purely a car expense.