I have a few goals/plans/resolutions for my money for the upcoming year and as we bloggers do I have set them in a list to be able to check how I did at the end of the year. For 2011 I would like to have the following:

  • $5000 in my Car fund
  • $1000 buffer in my ING checking
  • $4000 in my Never Go Back To Fresno Fund

These are obviously savings goals that I will be working on and since I am starting the year off debt free I hope to end the year debt free as well. I currently have $2300 in my Car fund and I believe that by putting an average of $250 in every month I will be able to get to my goal by the end of the year.

I have a $200 buffer in the checking account but since I overhauled the budget to be $200 less than my monthly income I think I will be able to build up the buffer to the desired level by about halfway through the year.

I will continue to add money from snowflakes and coupon savings in addition to the regular monthly transfers to my Never Go Back To Fresno Fund. This is my fund that will also go towards my retirement but for now it is a big goal that I have so that I never ‘have’ to go back to somewhere that I do not want to be.

What are your money goals for the year 2011?