May was a welcome relief to my cash flow after the madness of my April Financial Checkup and I was able to come out $605.24  in the black!!!! I still have a lot to do to make up for the massive shortfall last month but I am sure that I will be able to make it up by spending less over the summer, even with taking some time off to do fun things.

Areas where I remained under budget are




Areas where I went over budget are




As always even though I went over in some areas and remained under in some other areas I was able to bring in more income than my expenses for the month. I got a total of $37.25 from my Lending Club investment, which meant that I was able to fund another new loan based on the repayments that I have received from people I lent money to.

I did not buy the newspapers this month but still managed to redeem $5 in coupons for a net gain of $5 and along with some miscellaneous income from advertising this was put into the snowflake accounts in ING to bolster my savings.