Yesterday I helped honey with the first round of moving. We decided to pack the car and do all the moving ourselves so that we could save some money.

Our 2.5 hour drive took us a little longer because I got us lost for a while. Hey how was I supposed to know that br meant business road?

Anyway we finally got there and proceeded to make the many trips up and down the stairs carrying stuff. It was an exhausting day which started at 7:30 am and did not end until about 11:45 pm.

The computer is on the floor….as is everything else right now so it is very difficult for me to write now. Honey spent so much money just on setting up and moving costs even without having a u-haul full of stuff. We decided to purchase an elevated air bed instead of buying a regular traditional bed.

The apartment is really lovely and I do so want to decorate….but that would mean spending more money…which I don’t have.

I am getting ready for the putting stuff away round in just a few minutes so this may be all for a while.